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This was originally a page just for the wonderous band, wham! But myself and co creator decided that why just concentrate on wham! when there are so many other ghey eighties bands such as SoftCell and Duran Duran. So this community is dedicated to them, camp boys of the eighties we salute you!



Wham! Are the best band ever to grace our meaningless lives, together - Andrew (who no one really cares about) and George (the star and ultimate sex god) fill our dull lives with joyous songs about having a good time and slow Christmas ballads. You can shove all other music because this is where it is at.

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Simon Le Bon is a sex god, wait a second was a sex god. It is scary to look at the effect he had on adolescent girls back in the day, covorting around living the rock and roll lifestyle. But despite the wonderment of Le Bon, it is easy to forget how good Duran Duran actually were! There synthy new romantic music was pretty revolutionary at the time and they pushed boundries with there expensive, often risque videos. So Duran Duran, you are indeed bloody legends and you had great hair as well.

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One hit wonders! I hear you cry, well I think you'll find they technically had two hits so I'm afraid you are terribly wrong.

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Get two older blokes, get them to pluck two teenage girls who are good dancers off a disco floor and throw them all together and what do you get? The Human League! Phil Oakey's hair alone is an inspiration to us all, from one side he is a man BUT from the other he is a woman!!! Who else would have thought of such an inspiring concept?! Phil Oakey is also a pretty cool guy nowadays, or he looked it on that program about sex in music on the other week...yeah :/

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ABC were a succesful band in the nineteen eighties fronted by Martin Fry. They seemed to enjoy wearing shiney clothes as shown by the picture below. There best hits were "when smokey sings" and "poison arrow" from thee classic eighties cheese album - lexicon of love. Martin Fry does not seem to have aged - I fear he is a robot!

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A Flock of Seagulls

Best hair ever.

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Frankie goes to Hollywood

Possibly the most risque eighties band of them all, ooh I say!

Adam and the Ants

Stand and deliver, your money or your blusher!!! 0_o
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